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Establish your 100% online business, even without strong preliminary experience.

Latest Technology in GPS Field

Superior functionality and unique features combined with competitive pricing.

Market Leading Feature Set

Benefit for the widest and most user-friendly feature offering, satisfying most industries.

Scalable and Asset Light Ops

Purely software-based business with frequent and end user-focused IT developments.

Decide Your Own Pricing

Mark up your fees as it suits you most. No hidden fees, pay only after the user accounts.

Easy and Immediate Start

Easy set-up, quick to re-configure and smart features that save valuable time.

Cash Flow with Easy Invoicing

Build your cash flow of long-term clients, and collect your invoice payments automatically.

Location-free Establishment

Build your 100% online business across countries and even continents.

Continuous Support

Benefit from our proven knowledge from client acquisition to technology support.

Provide Control to Your Clients

Manage Your CLients' Business Digitally

Introduce this powerful tool to your Clients, to empower them with controlling their entire workforce and business. Enable them to know each of their employees’ locations, availability, and assignments. Ensure real control at your prospects’ and clients’ organization.

Team Control

Track GPS locations of mobile workers. Increase field service efficiency. Detect deviations from the route.

Control in Numbers

Daily thousands of teams are utilizing our management software, purely on their mobile phones. Sign up new clients to this proven model.
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Place Control

Get notified if personal trips happen. Visualize field team activities. Track locations, manage workflow, collect data.

Kick-start the Projects

Act as a consultant, and set-up the initial location management to your clients, even for consulting fee. Set-up comapny specific geofencing, POIs, task management procedures as a kick-start.
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Time Control

Prevent time-wasting during the shift. Complete more orders under shorter time.

Automate Proactively

Request your client's company policies, take the to be digitized ones, and set-up an automated time management-based core operations. Your client sill immediately understand the power of it.
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Task Control

Spot available employees for urgent orders. Allocate Tasks Super Fast. Automate routine operations.

Unlimited Sharing

Set-up a couple of recurring tasks on a digitized manner. After seeing the examples, your client will love it. This module will be an essential part of your business and your client redemption.
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Market Yourself as the Efficiency Hero

turn the Workers' smartphones into job planners

Increase your clients’ business operations efficiency gradually, on multiple levels, simply by introducing our stat-of-the-art mobile app. Provide features such as employee management, task allocation, response times, delivery speed, problem solving, reporting, customer service, and many more. 

Speedy Moves

Know everyone's working status. Benchmark results, forecast trends.

Grant the Best Response Rates

Time is crucial in today's business. Enable much faster reaction time for your Clients, and prove it with improved numbers.
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Route Planning

Know the real-time performance of every workers. Assign jobs intuitively based on employee location and skills.

Optimize Routes and Schedules

Provide the best location and task optimization tool available in the market. Utilize the benefits of integrated Google GIS Support!
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Time Framing

Put any new information to use right away. Create deadlines for any task. Schedule surveys, logs and questionnaires, data sheets

Boost Performance

Does your Client have slower or inefficient workers? Set-up schedules, delivery times, work finishing times, and many more to them. Bring all employees to the highest level!
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Easy Forms

Get proof of visits and job tasks accomplished. Capture pictures of customer visits. Monitor late arrivals and track performance. Browse through comments from employees.

Unlimited File Sharing

Equip your Clients with a super-useful digital file transfer, including pictures, electronic documents, digital signatures, and many other file types.
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Client's Savings = Your Revenue

Offer Innovatively tailored pricing models

Through your work, your Client can run the organization better, faster, while costing you less. Utilize this approach even at your pricing and negotiate success fees, savings-based pricing, and other models – the limit is your creativity only. 

Fuel Savings

Save on fuel, transportation charges, and other related expenses. Know the true costs of mobility.

Provide Savings Analyses

Ensure your Clients know your impact. Use the system to analyze data sets with a few clicks, and provide a clear summary about the savings our software has created.
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HR Savings

Share progress with the office. Take control on reporting. Chat with team members.

Build Departmental Connections

Convince the HR personnel to utilize the system for their own benefits as well. This relationship will support the holistic view and long-lasting software provider relationship for you.
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Time Savings

Control and improve service timing, quality, employee performance and customer satisfaction.

Quantify Indirect Savings

Time, as one of the most precious factor, has a great cost. Be the one who helps to identify the sunk costs and fill the time gaps at your Clients' operations.
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Admin Savings

Automate the everyday jobs. Enjoy paperless approach. Cut operating costs and increase revenue.

Calculate Savings

Ensure savings on paperless approach, digitization, integrations of third-party systems, and many more. Highlight the CSR and environmental benefits you ensured through us.
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Reseller's Success Stories

"The system is reliable, simple, effective - perfect for the COVID 19 environment ."
Richard B.
Managing Director, CloudTools Limited
"We just followed Teamwork Hero's business suggestions. Started the business under 2 days, and generated the first leads on the 3rd day!"
CEO, Simplyfree Limited
"The simplest way of business start, ever in my career. Moreover, we reached positive cash-flow from the second month."
Attila B.
Manging Director, Zyntern

As a Reseller You Will Receive Full Support

We put our reputation and commitment to work for you. We provide full support to scale up your own business on your own terms.

Full GPS System Access

Benefit from all superior functionality, including web and mobile app accesses, and possible hardware connections.

Financial Growth Support

Build your cash flow of long-term clients, and collect your invoice payments automatically. Determine your own pricing and fee terms.

All Clients Are Your Clients

Establish your 100% online business, even without strong preliminary experience. All acquired clients are yours, they pay to you.

Starting Website Kit

We provide you a starting online presence. Tell us your brand name, design concept, focus areas, and we support your vision.

Marketing Kit and Updates

We advise you on outbound marketing campaigns, design works, content marketing, running events, and social media activities.

Newsletter and Chatbots

We provide you with easy set-up, quick to re-configure chatbots and newsletter. Our smart features will save valuable time for you.

100% Online Support

Build your 100% online business across countries and even continents, and receive continuous support for scaling it up.

Growth Consulting

We support your goals in product development, market identification, training, selling skills workshops, and many more.

Demand Generation Tools

We advise you on demand generation, creating a robust customer database with qualified leads, and share all our experiences.

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